lee-kvern-200Earlier this year I was a juror for the Writers Guild of Alberta, 2013 Howard O’Hagan Award for the Short Story.

It was all a big secret, but the awards were announced on May 25th.

Here’s a story from the Edmonton Journal, which doesn’t say much.

Here’s the PDF of the Guild’s news release of the short lists.

I’ve been on a couple of juries and never run into any controversy. How boring!

This jury had two men and one woman, and we picked a short list of three women. How progressive!

Lee Kvern won for In Search of Lucinda.

The short list also included Lynn Coady’s Dogs in Clothes, a kick-ass story.

All we really tried to do was find consensus on the three best stories of the 30+ or so we read. It wasn’t difficult.

It’s true, though, that a different jury could have come up with a different result. Such is the subjectivity of the thing, and also the general parity of the submissions. Some were better than others, though. Each of the jurors had slightly different preferences.

I’m happy to support the consensus of the short list. It was a good, thorough process, and a satisfying result.

To the writers who were not short listed, I want to offer on-going encouragement.

Rock on.

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