2012 – Infinity & Beyond

I think the Mayans were wrong, but 2012 is going to be a profound year, anyway.

My wife, as those who have read below know, has a particularly virulent kind of breast cancer. This past week we bought both an all-expenses trip to Mexico and burial plots. (See also Kate’s Flickr photos.)

Enjoy every sandwich, as Warren Zevon said.

Also, look forward to new fiction from me in the Winter 2012 Found Press issue. It’s a short story called “Survival,” and, yes, the title is stolen from Margaret Atwood. More details to follow.

The Winter 2012 issue of The New Quarterly includes my story, “27 Days.” It should also be out soon.

Issue #32 of The Danforth Review is also imminent. In the meantime, check out new interviews with Matthew Firth and Sarah Selecky.

I was at the 2003 concert where Bruce Springsteen recorded this (included on the WZ tribute album, Enjoy Every Sandwich):

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