Thirteen Shades of Black and White

My first short story collection. Published in 1999 by Turnstone Press (ISBN 0-88801-236-5).

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  • Imprint (11/19/99)
  • Globe and Mail (12/04/99)
  • Quill & Quire (01/00)
  • Word (03/00)
  • Broken Pencil (Spring 2000)
  • Front & Centre (Summer 2000)

“From page one Bryson’s prose had me scribbling words of praise: ‘clean,’ ‘spare,’ ‘pure,’ ‘enters the mind like thought.'” – The Globe and Mail

“Thirteen Shades of Black and White showcases Bryson’s disparate reach and contemporary voice.” – Quill & Quire

“Michael Bryson offers lovers of Canadian fiction [a] superlative collection of short stories…. This book is a must-read for any fan of the Canadian small-press scene.” –

“This inaugural collection of bitterly hopeful short stories succeeds in illuminating our collective malaise without acceding to it.” – Broken Pencil

“Existence in these stories is inexplicable and aimless; the characters purposeless and alienated – physically and mentally – from those they love. Yet, at the same time, there is a sense of quiet optimism and possibility.” – Word

Table of Contents (Stories Originally published in)

At Least One Good Thing (Urban Graffiti)
Beginning & Endings (Event)
Running with that Indian
Day Two, Saskatchewan
Something in the Water (Backwater Review)
Light & Silver (paperplates)
Parents (The New Quarterly)
The Lowest Branch (The New Quarterly)
Drew Barrymore’s Breasts (The New Quarterly)
Flying Truck Wheels
Gerry’s Sister (Mercy in the Night) (Queen St. Quarterly)
Twelve Days of Unemployment (Ink)
Lionel’s Kid (The Antigonish Review)
Boys and Girls, Girls and Boys
A Witness
Watching Parking Meters (The Quality Lit Game)
Working It Out (Pottersfield Portfolio)
Thirteen Shades of Black and White (Black Cat #115)
The Last Man on Earth (Broken Pencil)
A True Classless Future

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