Draft Reading Series, April 18

New reading from The Lizard and Other Stories.

Draft Reading Series, April 18 @ 3 p.m.

New location – The Merchants of Green Coffee at 2 Matida Street.
There’s a map at this link. http://www.merchantsofgreencoffee.com/contact_us.html

WHO:    Michael Bryson
            Ian Burgham
            Ellen S. Jaffe
            Dani Couture
            Mark Sampson
HOW MUCH: $5 includes a copy of the Draft publication

Rejection ain’t what it used to be. For one thing, there’s a lot more of it going around. And editors often refer to “the present climate” as their reason for saying no.
For our April 18th reading, Draft celebrates rejection, as we take a sounding of our notorious “climate” in work, art and — oh yes! — love.

Reading sponsored by the League of Canadian Poets.

2 thoughts on “Draft Reading Series, April 18

  1. What exactly does “the present climate” have to do with rejection? If you are speaking about the conservative nature of CanLit publishing – when only a handful of adventurous small presses (Anvil Press, Insomniac Press, Gutter Press – to name a few) are publishing new writers and eclectic work – that unfortunately leaves quite a few very talented and unrecognized writers and poets “out in the cold” so to speak. How ever is this “climate” to change?

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